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The goal of GOT is to encourage Christians to prepare their minds for battle by girding themselves with the Truth in every area of life. With this goal in mind, we're compiling a directory of online sources of information and other valuable resources that can be of help in equipping the Christian. Click on an area below to get started.

We also plan to include an extensive Q&A database and a collection of longer articles on various subjects. This is a work in progress, so please bear with us as we experiment with the layout, and be sure to check back for updates. Suggestions for websites to include are also appreciated.

What's New!

Added the feed to Truth Belt Xanga in the Articles section. Also, Girdle of Truth is now on Facebook! Keep up with the latest posts from both blogs plus quotes, links, and other news of interest on the Truth Belt Facebook page. Facebook

Updated the Alphabetical Directory page to fix broken links and reflect changes in names, etc.

New Featured Website, with full profile and additions to the respective category section. Also added a new Recommended Resource review and updated the Notable Quote.

New look! Just completed a rather extensive makeover of the site, including changes in the look and layout, as well as validation of the HTML and CSS. Now to concentrate on content.


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Evangelism Resources

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